Checking Out Just Got Easier

An Easy, Secure and Private Way to Pay

EASY. Use Apple Pay with your iPhone 6 to pay in stores without swiping your cards or apps without entering payment and contact information. Just pay with a single touch of your finger using Touch ID.

SECURE. With Apple Pay, instead of using your actual credit and debit card numbers when you add your card, a unique Device Account Number is assigned, encrypted and securely stored. And when you make a purchase, the Device Account Number alongside a transaction-specific dynamic security code is used to process your payment. So your actual credit or debit card numbers are never shared by Apple with merchants or transmitted with payment.

PRIVATE. In addition, paying with Apple Pay is private as the cashier never sees your name, card numbers or security code.

You can use your West Community debit and credit cards on Apple Pay to pay at more than 220,000 locations with more being added every day.

Helpful Resources
More information on Apple Pay
Detailed setup and use instructions

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