Limited time only Certificate of Deposit Specials: 2.52%* APY for 39 months or 2.02%* APY for 19 months. Click to learn more.


Save like the future depends on it

Your hard-earned money should work for you by growing every day. West Community Credit Union has two Certificate of Deposit specials that do precisely that—keeping your money securely focused on the future.

For a limited time only, earn even more!

Whatever your future holds, we’re positive it holds something worth saving for so take advantage of these fantastic Certificate of Deposit specials. Calculate your earnings with our Certificate of Deposit Calculator.

*APY=Annual Percentage Yield. Limited time special offer. Rates may change without notice. Upon maturity, funds and dividends earned will automatically renew unless otherwise notified.
19 month certificate special: Rate is 2.00%. Funds and dividends earned will renew at an 18 month term upon maturity
39 month certificate special:  Rate is 2.50%. Funds and dividends earned will renew at a 36 month term upon maturity. 
Offers require 100% of funds as new funds not currently on deposit with West Community Credit Union. Minimum opening deposit of $500. Early withdrawal penalties apply.