Want it. Plinqit. Get it.


West Community Credit Union has partnered with plinqit, a simple but powerful savings app, to help you easily save for your goals!  Whatever you want to save for — your next vacation, a down payment for a new car, a rainy day, or a Bernedoodle puppy — plinqit can help!

Get the App

Plinqit home screen

Visit the PLINQIT site or download the app in your app store!

Available on the “APPLE” App Store Get it on Google play.  

Set Up Your Account

Plinqit reward and penalty slider screen

In under 5 minutes you'll choose your goal, set up auto transfers, pick how often you want to contribute, and decide on your reward.

Start Saving

Plinqit goal met screen

When you reach your goal, collect the reward you chose, transfer your savings and enjoy!


 plinqit Faqs